What is Illicoprice?
Illicoprice is an online marketplace dedicated to saving you more money while you shopping and booking fun activities to do in your city. Regularly, we showcase incredible discount on a wide variety of products (Electronics, Fashion, Home Decor, Car...), restaurants, services, events, hotels and more in your corner. Simply, we have a Huge Selection & Great Prices‎.
How do I save more on Illicoprice?
You save more on Illicoprice by simply buying more. We have a great rewards program that helps our users to get huge discounts for theirs purchases or for their contributions related to the site promotion. Please sign-up today and start to be rewarded for your actions.
Why does paying for an item by debit card is interesting for me?
Retailers pay a fee for credit card transactions. When you pay by debit instead of credit, we don’t have to pay that fee. So, you get reward points with your purchase. First, you have to be a member of our reward program to avail your debit card purchase. You will get 50 points each time you use your debit card for a purchase of 50$ and more. The reward program will be launched very soon for sign-up.
What is Illicoprice's shipping and returns policy?
For each product on our site, we have carefully negociate the shipping options with the supplier to ensure you receive a great delivery service possible: Fast, safe and reliable. Regularly, we offer 2-5 days shipping for orders over 50$ and free returns on almost everything within 30 days. But, some suppliers may have a specific returns policy for their items. You will find the details about it inside the description section. In case of doubt, you can reach us and we will assist you with more clarification. If you're not satisfied with the item for being not as described or defective, just reach us by Email or phone, and we will find a better solution for you quickly.
By the way, the majority of orders are subject to a $9.99 shipping fee. But an item shipping as freight or standard item or heavy item, may take longer than 2 to 5 days to arrive and may have different shipping fee. Very Soon, we will launch a Prime delivery service which will be 2 days fast delivery and launch the Free Shipping option.
When will my order arrive?
Note that most our delivery are done Monday to friday in Canada and some USA states. All products on our site have an estimated delivery time and many orders have to be prepared from the warehouse for shipment. We delight to provide you a great delivery service with most reliable selection of products. Also, we request most of our suppliers to add signature confirmation in each order that is shipped to simplify our future investigation.
So, we work with many reliable warehouses to ship your items as quickly as possible. Some of our suppliers sell items that can be shipped the same day or within 24 hours. Other items require a longer time that can be 1-4 weeks. As we can’t control delays caused by carriers, changes to orders and other unforeseen cases. We have dedicated a team to monitor each order for a fastest and safest delivery. We reward suppliers who satisfy our delivery criteria. But if you’re just worried about where your stuff is, please reach us at 1(438) 800-3730 or by email at and we’ll see what we can do to help. We rely on your honest feedback to serve you better and to improve the service again.
Will I have to pay a membership for buying on Illicoprice?
You don't have to pay it, Illicoprice is free for all. You get a fast delivery and great savings on your purchases.
Are there any restrictions on shopping in your site?
In general, we do not impose restriction. You can purchase any quantity you want, if supplier does not restrict it. But, we don't allow unfair or unsafe behavior from buyers as making unreasonable demands to sellers or unpaid an item order. So, we do reserve the right to prohibit or limit sales to buyers who does not respect our policy.
Are any products non-returnable?
Some products, yes. In general, we don’t accept returns of the following products: Flowers and live indoor plants, a select number of pay-as-you-go products, some jewelry, hazardous items, gift cards, charitable donations, grocery products, some personal care  items & healthcare items, open software, live insects, and items with special shipping instructions imposed by North America states. Note that if an item is not returned in its original condition, including all packaging and tags, we reserve the right to refuse it.
How do I return oversized items?
Just reach us at 1 (438) 800-3730 or email us at to schedule a pickup.
Who is responsible for return shipping charge?
Either you or the seller is responsible for return shipping charges, depending on the seller's return policy and the reason for the return. In most cases, sellers require that buyers pay for return shipping, but some sellers offer free return shipping. Please check the Return policy section of the item that you have purchased. If you're returning an item because it isn't as described in the listing, the seller is responsible for return shipping charges, regardless of the seller's return policy. But, you will have to contact us first and we will assist for this matter.

Is my personal information safe?
Yes, we value your privacy and security. Your credit card number is transmitted through a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption, which then goes directly to a secure electronic vault. At no time is your credit card information stored on our servers. Furthermore, we do not sell any of your personal information to any third party, including merchants from whom you have purchased a product. If you would still like more information about the privacy of your information. Please see our Privacy policy.

Can I modify or cancel my order?
You can modify or cancel your order on the same day of your purchase and get refunded in short delay. Just let us know soon as possible because some of suppliers launch the shipment process of the orders, the same day. So, call us to clear all doubt.

When is the purchase charged to my credit card?
As soon as you click on “Checkout button”, the product will be charged to your credit card.

How many products can I buy at once?
The maximum number of items you can buy will be clearly specifid in the offer details, according to the supplier policy.

How can I be sure that you sell good products quality?
Rest assured that we certify the quality and authenticity of our products with our dedicated team for this matter and we select only the most reliable suppliers.

Will the sales tax be applied to my order?
Yes. Example the Québec's sales tax (TPS is 5 % and TVQ is 9.975% harmonized) is applied to the products bought on our site by Quebec resident.

What happens if I receive a damaged, defective or incomplete order?
However if the product is damaged or defective upon reception or if you receive the wrong order. Don't worry, just contact us within 14 days, we'll provide you our immediat support and we will assist you to sort out this matter. But after 14 days of reception, only supplier's warranty will apply. Do not forget to read supplier return policy, as some suppliers have specific instruction concerning this matter.

Do you offer a money-back guarantee?                                                                                                                                                                      Yes! But it's case-by-case, as suppliers can assert that the item is non-refundable. Also, if you are buying an item that is on our non-returnable list  which provide huge discount, we can't refund it.

Otherwise, if you did not receive an item or an item that does not match the description in the listing, The Illicoprice Money Back Policy ensures that you will receive your money back. Most of the time, our suppliers will work with you to quickly solve problems. But if a solution is not reached, we can help you. You have to contact our customer service within 14 days of your purchase by email or phone. Once we are notice, we will help you to sort it out or refund the same credit card or Paypal account that you used to make the purchase. Allow up to 2 weeks for your refund to appear on your credit card statement.

Can Illicoprice cancel an order already setup?
We are sorry for this kind of situation, if it come to happen due to unforseen cases. But, we will let you know in advance and we will offer you a discount on any product that you will order for exchange.

Will my credit card information be transferred to                                                                                                                       No, we do not store credit card information.

How can I contact you, if I have a question about an order?
You can reach to us at 1 (438) 800-3730 or send us an email to and we’ll be happy to help.